A Beginners Guide to Selling Crafts Online

Many crafters will tell you for free that selling crafts online is not as easy as it may seem. There are different dynamics that will be at play if you want your products to stand out from many others being sold there. Getting some of these elements wrong means missing out on potential buyers.

So, what exactly does it take to stand out from the crowd online?

Rule #1: Get one thing right: There is always the notion that having many products online equals to having a better appeal when it comes to buyers. This is never the case. Many successful crafters and designers understand the importance of limiting the range of products you want to sell online. You can’t have everything for everyone. Limit the range of your products if you want to succeed.

Rule #2: Build a strong brand: Your identity online goes beyond having a great logo and name. Think of the story you want your brand to tell and come up with an appropriate strategy to tell it. From the way the photos you use online are taken to how they are uploaded, a lot goes into creating a strong brand.

Rule #3: Always get your prices right: One of the things you must always get right is the pricing. Take your time to do the calculations, factoring in the production costs and labor. You might have good sales, but end up failing just because you got the pricing wrong right from the start.

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