Whitsunday Creative Arts Festival: 1st to 7th July 2017
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Workshop Details: Trio of Pots


Soosie Jobson 


Airlie Beach - The Whitsundays 

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All welcome - must know how to make felt 

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Trio of Pots with Soosie Jobson

Thursday 6th & Friday 7th July

Wool has a unique ability: when made into felt it shrinks. Sometimes unintentionally, you will have all shrunk a jumper of two. When this characteristic is used intentionally, differing rates of shrinkage can be turned into a method of shaping objects.  Working your way through the Trio of Pots you will learn how to manipulate and shape felt into structurally sound and beautiful objects.

Skills to be covered: resist and template theory & design, shrinkage rate calculations, shaping objects through differential, and complex laying techniques, and a variety of felting methods.

Skill level: All welcome as long as you know how to make felt.

Kit cost: $93.50 

Kit contains superfine 18.5 micron hand dyed Merino wool for 3 pots, patterns and resist material, beads, embroidery threads, and more.

Please choose a colourway when registering - choice of; Earth tones, Blues, Greens, Purples or Reds.


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